The Powerful Standard of GPS Tracking System

NOSTRA LOGISTICS GPS Tracking is the standard transportation and logistics management system, tracks and monitors vehicles easily with GPS Black Box and Magnetic Card Reader which have been certified equipment standard by Department of Land Transport (DLT). At the same time, connect vehicle tracking data report to Department of Land Transport’s GPS Monitoring and Transportation Management System Center. NOSTRA LOGISTICS GPS Tracking keep track of your vehicle fleet with vehicle tracking function and monitor drivers’ behaviour in real-time such as driving speed, driving time period, and vehicle stops. The system will give warning and notification to fleet manager immediately when it identify any potential risk in condition. It has many summary report formats, which are easy to understand. Users are convenient and easy to access the NOSTRA LOGISTICS System through web browser or application anywhere 24 hours.


การแสดง ข้อมูลรถ/คนขับ
  • ตำแหน่งบนแผนที่
  • Trip
  • ข้อมูลผู้ขับขี่
  • ข้อมูลรถ
  • ข้อมูล trip ล่าสุด
  • การแจ้งเตือน
การสร้าง Route และ POI
  • POI
  • Route
  • รายการแจ้งเตือน และการรายงาน
  • การเตือนด้วยกฎของกรมขนส่ง
  • การสร้าง และเปลี่ยนการแจ้งเตือน
  • Reports
  • แสดงเส้นทางการวิ่งพร้อมความเร็ว
  • ประสิทธิภาพการขับขี่
  • การหยุดรถ
  • เหตุการณ์ต่างๆ

NOSTRA LOGISTICS Tracking and Fleet Management, Simply with Fingertips

Track and monitor vehicle status in real-time or see historical vehicle’s route data through web application anytime anywhere, including manage vehicle repair and maintenance plan by collected vehicle engine data.

Fleet Monitoring: Track and monitor your fleet in real-time
Asset Monitor & Utilization: Report for vehicle usage
Historical Playback: View in detail of historical vehicle's route and location on data and map

Safety Management, Safety Guard 24 hours

Prevent any accident or probable crime at your vehicle during transportation trip with alert and notification function that come directly to NOSTRA LOGISTICS Web app and NOSTRA Mobile Monitoring app. Additional warning channels available by e-mail and SMS.
Alert & Notification: Monitor your fleet with customizable alerts