Real time Fleet Checker and Tracking on Mobile

Support the all around application for NOSTRA Logistics System with smartphone application to check, track and give warning everywhere throughout 24 hours on the iOS and Android Operating System, in order to monitor and track transportation vehicles everywhere all the time. The function enables users to see vehicle status, give warning if there is anything abnormal. Transportation Supervisor can also communicate with driver employees quickly through mobile phone.


New Fleet Tracker on Map

The display shows the current status of transportation vehicles on high definition map. On NOSTRA, it is possible to select and look at individual vehicle, including contact the driver by telephone at once, if the drivers’ information is kept in the System.


Alert and show any abnormal information from vehicle utilization or driving and check location where warning occurs on map.

Driver Directory

Show drivers contact information items, if the drivers’ information is kept in the System.

Installation Procedure for NOSTRA Mobile Monitor Application Latest Version

1. If customer has ever installed the NOSTRA Logistics Mobile Application that is old version, then uninstall from the telephone before installing new version again.

2. Download NOSTRA Mobile Monitor Application Latest Version, Free

3. Customers with existing Application can Log In to access new version Application or register as new user.