The New Standard of Logistics Management

You can trust in this Real Time GPS vehicle tracking System, which has achieved Department of Land Transport Standard. The card identification machine, which identifies the driver and connect information with Transport Service Center under the Department of Land Transport. The NOSTRA GPS, basic tracking system which focus mainly on checking the driver’s behavior such as driving at the required speed and take a rest during specified time.


Display Vehicle/ Driver Information
  • Location on Map
  • Trip
  • Driver information
  • Vehicle information
  • Latest Trip information
Create Route and POI
  • POI
  • Route
  • Warning Items and Report
  • Warning by Department of Land Transport Regulation
  • Create and Change Warning
Map Display
  • Reports
  • Show Transportation Route with Speed
  • Driving efficiency
  • Car stop
  • Events


Create Report based on vehicle license plates
Create Report based on Drivers’ Names
Minor Information from Reports