Bus on Mobile Service (Shuttle Bus) Solution

Real-Time Shuttle Bus Tracker

As we know employees are a vital part of the organization, important driving force behind successful work and target achievements. Some businesses especially large companies with many employees, therefore, arrange Shuttle Bus Service for employees, to facilitate employees in travelling to work conveniently, on time and safe. Manage and control time to maximum efficiency. However, companies have met with certain shuttle bus service problems such as shuttle bus leaves from station late, shuttle bus did not arrive at stop points punctually, buses often break down etc. These problems have impacted companies, because if shuttle buses are late to the factory, production cannot start or work may delay. Or even unsafe for employees, because if shuttle bus is late, driver may speed up faster than limited speed and risk that accident may occur.

Many companies made an effort to solve problems by fixing specific shuttle bus pickup and delivery points, determine KPI to drivers or rules to collect fine in case use shuttle bus service from the external agency such as shuttle bus must depart within what specific time period, so as not to affect most passengers. The next problem that may occur is employees are late for shuttle bus and they do not know where the exact location of shuttle bus is to catch up with the shuttle bus at the nearest shuttle bus stop from their location. This does not include when employees are working overtime, companies must allocate shuttle buses properly to serve employees who got off from work with different overtime hours. More shuttle bus runs mean higher cost, therefore, shuttle bus allocation must be efficient.

What NOSTRA LOGISTICS for Bus on Mobile Service (Shuttle Bus) can do for you?

With such employees shuttle bus service management problems, GIS Company Limited, has designed and develop solution to support employees shuttle bus service management, called Bus On Mobile Service (BOMs). By using GPS Tracking, Telematics, Internet of Thing (IoT) and Cloud Computing Technology to track shuttle buses, so shuttle bus service management and employees who use the shuttle bus service can track bus information on a Real-time basis through NOSTRA LOGISTICS System.

From Shipment Planning, Tracking and Monitoring until Report

The functions of Bus On Mobile Service Solution cover from route planning to issuing reports. The shuttle bus management can work on Web application from creating routes, stops for each bus, tracking and monitoring current bus location, bus reservation system to summary reports. Users can look at bus schedule information with routes, stop points, current bus location on map, nearest bus stop location and reserve shuttle bus by themselves through BOMs Mobile application.

All in One Solution

We gather necessary hardware for Bus on Mobile Service Solution to collect employees pickup and delivery information such as GPS Black Box, Magnetic Card Reader, RFID Reader and Buzzer. This includes other accessory equipment with Telematics technology to increase safety such as ADAS, warning equipment for drivers with various conditions for example, warn about collision at the front of vehicle and pedestrian, changing lane without switching on turning signal, driving too close to the car in front etc. MDVR is a camera that captures online pictures and transmit pictures into the Cloud system, edit in short clips for any risky behaviour of driver.

The joint integration between GPS, Telematics, Internet of Thing (IoT) and Cloud computing technology can receive – transmit information between drivers through internet and collect information into the Cloud service system, in order to analyse data and show information on NOSTRA LOGISTICS Web application and BOMs Mobile application anywhere throughout 24 hours.

Benefits of NOSTRA LOGISTICS for Bus on Mobile Service (Shuttle Bus) Solution

New Channel for Internal Communication

BOMs is internal communication tool within the organization. Look at shuttle bus service information through Mobile application such as shuttle bus schedule, current bus location, nearest shuttle bus stop location, which is convenient and fast. Moreover, there are other information such as news, activities within the organization, activities calendar.

Access and Use Location Data in Minutes

The shuttle bus service management and employees can access bus information on a Real-Time basis. Hence, bus management will be easier and employees will enjoy greater convenience, whereby they can look at information immediately through Mobile application: data is collected at your fingertips. Employees can manage to book bus by themselves. General users can also understand the Mobile application presentation format easily.

Powerful Data and Report

With Big Data collected systematically in the Solution, companies can use information to analyse and management in various fields such as record drivers’ time attendance and performance information for KPI assessment, record bus services used by employees information to evaluate allocation efficiency. Other information includes station location, suitable bus routes, GPS tracking information to monitor work and informed about events that occur as well as bus usage and fuel oil consumption information for management and bus maintenance.

Return on Data Investment

Solve employees shuttle bus service problems by BOMs Solution, which greatly increases bus management efficiency. The power of Location Intelligence coupled with GPS Tracking, Telematics, Internet of Thing (IoT) and Cloud computing technologies help employees shuttle bus service, one of the most popular benefits of factories, to receive information that is beneficial to management and control in every way. Organization can manage and provide shuttle bus services smoothly, also handle on cost and expense systematically and quickly in more effective result.