Company Car Solution

Gain Your Data and Powerful Map Analytics

Company car is an asset that can be used by employee in organization. Some employers provide workers with company vehicles as a job benefit, often to allow them to perform duties related to the job such as salesman. Not only is it a vehicle, but also an essential factor to drive for business. However, there are several notable advantages as well as disadvantages to having a company car, especially, the expense involved: fuel, maintenance, insurance, service and other unexpected expenditure. To control the total cost of using vehicles, many organizations often select a choice for their own cars from leasing service company and find for a solution to track and manage their car fleet to efficiently control expenses.

As the company car is not a personal car, organizations are facing with problems from using their own asset. For example, careless driving and unsafe driving behaviour causing crash risk and harm, some driving habits impact on vehicle’s fuel usage and also related to a huge waste of money, and no records of driving to show business use as opposed to personal use.  Basically, to monitor driver, manage assets, and control the expenses of driving a company car, employers need to have a tool that can collect and record car driving data, namely, date, time, location, mileage, fuel level, driving behaviour, etc. These data is gaining insight information and generating a powerful business decisions. They can be analysed and evaluated the car utilization and cost efficiency. What is the tool? How do organizations get these data? Let's see how NOSTRA LOGISTICS for company car works.

What NOSTRA LOGISTICS for Company Car Can Do For You?

NOSTRA LOGISTICS is the GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management software and solution that help businesses maintain optimal use of their vehicles to improve performance and able to keep operation costs. With GPS vehicle tracking technology, it will keep records of all driving-related data e.g. vehicles’ current location, date, time, mileage, fuel consumption, etc. So organizations can more control their drivers and company vehicles, track and recover lost vehicles, prevent unauthorized use of vehicles, prevent dubious reporting, and save on fuel consumption. That can be paralleled with driving skill training programme, companies can improve employee’s driving habits for more traffic safety as well as fuel saving.

Apart from the GPS tracking, NOSTRA LOGISTICS also integrates a current advanced technology: Geographic Information System (GIS), Telematics, Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data Analytics to provide the solution more capability for shipment management and safety management.  For instance, shipment planning and route optimization, alert and notification for driving behaviour in real-time, summarize report for car utilization. Moreover, The system can added optional Point of Interest (POI) for collecting geographical data, such as site location, to analyse the sales area and market opportunities. With this system’s abilities, it enables the organization to control the car using efficiently, reduce the accidents and expenses, including get the accurate data for organization strategic planning.

Enhance Vehicle Safety and Cost Control

Telematics devices helps to promote safer and better driving, and also reduce waste costs. Managers can monitor and get notification on conditional situations from their vehicles. For example, Advance Driver Assistance System (ADAS) is a safety system on a vehicle that will alert the driver which visual and audio warning when it identifies potential hazards, road conditions and vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists, including detects for lane departure warning, headway monitoring system, speed limit warning, etc. The Mobile Digital Video Recorder (MDVR) linked with real-time GPS tracking information allow managers to track vehicles during the driving by live footage. It also capture important evidential events followed defined condition for playing back on video clip, so they can get warning from the system without 24-hour monitoring. In additionally, the Fatigue Monitoring System based on facial feature recognition to detect and alarm driver unsafe driving status, including drowsiness or distraction. Therefore Telematics devices significantly reduce the likelihood of an accident and whilst considerably lowering the fleet running costs through lower fuel usage and maintenance bills.

Use Analytics to Make Powerful Business Decisions

NOSTRA LOGISTICS offers a significant competitive advantage to companies for spatial analyst capability, more valuable than tracking function. With online high resolution NOSTRA Map in the system providing topological and geographic data, municipal boundary and over 1.6 million Point of Interests around Thailand, companies can collect the clients’ site location, sales data, location-based data, etc. for uncovering sale and market opportunities. Location intelligence, the where factor, is crucial for problem solving and decision making capabilities. Furthermore, companies can also browse the car reports and driving behavior which are analysed and displayed on the system to evaluate the efficiency of each car usage and waste costs. This enables manager to understand company’s problems faster and easier, to know the actual causes and the offender, and able to use as a KPI for the driver as well.

What are Benefits of NOSTRA LOGISTICS for Company Car?

Real-time Accurate Tracking and Monitoring

The companies get real-time vehicles’ location, and instant alert and notifications upon condition driving, for example, various security, unsafe behaviour, unauthorized use. The system also provides automatically different types of vehicle tracking reports in a user-friendly format that show actionable data for improving your workforce and operating.

Reduce Cost and Maximize Asset Management Efficiency

The companies can optimize car performance to maximize profits, control the unauthorized car use, and reduce operating costs by using the driving report for planning and setting the rules and KPIs for drivers, particularly careless drivers who can be the causes of risk of accident and waste costs.

Make a Better Business Decision From Location-Based Data

To make a better business decision and see new insights for business from online map in the NOSTRA LOGISTICS system which completely provides Thailand’s base map and the municipal zoning based on population density data and allows companies collect their location-based data as well. Companies can analysed geographical data and find new sale and market opportunities, and create effective sale campaigns. That is the valuable investment for the system that gain you powerful data analytics which is more than general tracking data report.